Read through your articles in a flash.

Read faster. Much faster.

Syllable is built to make it really simple to learn to read faster. The most common reason people read slowly is due to something called subvocalization — when reading you say the words to yourself, which limits how fast you can read to a speed similar to how fast you can talk. Syllable helps to reduce this subvocalization by pacing through the reading at a rate you define, only showing one word at a time.

Once you get up to a faster speed, you can also choose how many words to show at once. Learning to read in chunks allows you to read even quicker.

Speed reading
Pocket, Instapaper and Readability

Import From Services

Syllable supports both Pocket, Instapaper and Readability integration, allowing you to import all your articles you've been meaning to read and zoom through them.

You can also import URLs (detected automatically), or bodies of text.

Customize your experience.

Change the font, font size, alignment, text position or even toggle to a "night mode" for when it's dark out and you'd like the screen to be kinder on your eyes.

Syllable offers very precise changing of your reading speed, allowing you to read at a very slow pace as you're learning, to lightning fast speeds as you progress. The amount of words shown on screen is also customizable to up to five words.

Speed reading
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